How everything began

We are Isabela from Brazil, Fabian from Germany and our two dogs “Uni” from Spain and “Basco” from Bavaria. However, if you are here, you probably already know who we are and what we do.

Our story started six years ago when we met in Barcelona. Fabian was emerging from burnout and was looking to make a life change, professionally and also for his health. He traveled to Spain where he met “me,” a Brazilian who had moved to Spain eight years earlier. We connected and we realized that we shared the same tastes for traveling and enjoying life to the fullest. From that moment, we began traveling together.
Our journey started in 2014 when we bought our first VW camper bus (a 2005 / VW Karman) that we loved so much. The need to travel full-time was growing in our mind and finally, in 2017, we decided to make it a reality. We financed our EV Truck 4x4 from Bimobil EX480, rented our home in Germany, left everything behind and started our own journey as Live and Give 4x4.

Like others who have been able to quit their corporate jobs and travel the world, we feel very blessed. One of our favorite things has been to document the lifestyle we have created, to show the world the beauty of our planet. Our YouTube channel is our pride and joy, and watching everyone “like” our social media and being able to engage with everyone brings us so much happiness.

Being on the road for a while now, we have realized that people take an interest in our lifestyle. Everything from Isabela’s cooking on the road, to our “Frank the Tank” rig, to Fabian’s humor, the adventures of our beautiful doggies and the unique places we explore on foot and film with our Drone to the crazy places our Rig can get to! We just love it!

Creating those videos is our passion and has become a serious ” full-time job”. We love it, but it is not enough to keep on going forever. We want to inspire people to believe that this lifestyle can be a reality!

The best part of this journey though is you = the people. This is all about building a community, creating something meaningful and sharing it with the world.

Our big dream is not just to keep on documenting our travels to show YOU the world in our 4x4 truck with our 2 dogs, we also want to inspire you…Make your dreams come true! We WANT you to be part of our journey and hope one day meet you personally on this beautiful planet and drink a coffee or a sangria together.

Cheers and safe travels to you out there. We are so thankful for the people we meet on the road, the people who follow us, our friends and family and of course for our PATRONS to make this lifestyle every day possible.

So many thanks and welcome to Live and Give 4x4 family!

Fabian, Isabela, Uni, and Basco